On a friend's boatYou are close to Washington, DC, right?  Is there a chance that we can go and see monuments and museums?

Sure!  Rick lives 15 miles away from DC, Elizabeth in DC itself.  Generally the museums close at 5pm (the newly reopened portrait gallery closes at 7).  The monuments are open all the time, and are nicely lit up at night.

Are kids allowed at this wedding?

Yes!  We're allowed to have up to 30 children at the reception, but are not likely to get anywhere near that many.

What took you guys so long?

Yeah, yeah...

What's quikwit.com?  Where'd that name come from?

Quikwit is a nickname that Rick picked up many years ago.  It had something to do with being quick with a joke, and having a last name with "wit" in it.  The spelling of Quik is in honor of the chocolate milk powder.